The High Quality of Solasz Durum Pasta is the result of Passion, Care and the Attention paid throughout the entire production process which successfully combines the Ancient Tradition of Pasta making with Modern Production Technology.
The result is Superior-Quality Italian Pasta that has an Intense Color and Smell, typical of Sun-Kissed DURUM Wheat, the “Right Thickness” and a Balanced Uniform cooking time.
Thanks to the careful selection of Fine Semolina with High Protein Content, Solasz Pasta remains Elastic with a Good Consistency even after many hours of Cooking. Also the surface is never coated with a Starchy Film, Resulting in a Healthy and Tasty Treat for you and your loved ones.
Solasz is committed to provide you with the Best Selection of Gourmet. Our carefully selected Products Balance your Taste and Fitness. We have many more exciting products in our Product Palette so do pay us a visit.

Nutritional Facts / Fatti nutrizionali

(Approx value in 100g of Pasta/ Valore approssimative in 100 g di pasta)

Energy / Engergia 361 Kcal
Carbohydrates / Carboidrati 78 g
Protein / Proteine 12 g
Dietary Fiber / Fibra alimentare 2 g
Sugar / Zucchero 1 g
Fat / Grasso 0.4 g
Fatty Acids:
Poly unsaturated / Poly insaturo 0.2 g
Saturated / Saturato 0.1 g
Mono unsaturated / Mono insaturo 0.1 g
Sodium / Sodio 5 mg
Iron / Ferro 1 mg
Cholesterol / Colesterolo 0 mg